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Susan is currently a producer on the independent documentary film Girl Island: The Sandy Stone Story, and is working to develop a number of other scripted and documentary projects.

Her best-known film is the Emmy Award-winning Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton’s Cafeteria (ITVS, 2005), which she co-wrote, -directed, and -produced.

Susan has appeared in, consulted on, or co-produced numerous trans-related film and media projects including The Lady and the Dale, Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen, No Ordinary Man, Tales of the City, We’ve Been Around, Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight, Pride, Genderation, and Gendernauts.

Susan cut her teeth in digital media working in the '90s as a scenarist and scriptwriter on Shu Lea Cheang's Brandon project, the first born-digital work commissioned by the Guggenheim Museum. Her short experimental film, Christine in the Cutting Room, is envisioned as part of a longer and long-delayed work-in-progress (viewable here at the 38:00 minute mark). Susan has cameos in Cary Cronenwett's art film, Maggots and Men, as well as Tobi Hill-Meyer's sexually explicit satirical sci-fi musical, The Genderfellator, in which she plays a leader of a revolutionary underground  trans resistance movement. 

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